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"Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity

of life on earth and can motivate a sense of responsibility to safeguard it."



"It seems to me that an understanding of the natural world is crucial for all of us - 

after all we depend upon it for our food, for the air we breathe and some would say,

for our very sanity."


                                                                          Quotes from Sir David Attenborough



Children will have a secure knowledge of the requirements of the


National Curriculum by the end of each key stage and beyond...


                 Children will develop:


  • Substantive knowledge - Not just facts about places, people and environments  but a confident understanding of these so they can be independent and proud to share these with others.
  • Disciplinary knowledge - To have a developing ability to question the validity of knowledge; recognising the interconnectedness and taking a holistic view of content studied. Appreciatingwhat it means to be a 'Geographer' by asking geographical questions such as 'why is this place like this?, 'how is this place changing?' and 'how are other places affected?'.
  • To have a sense of place - building empathy, exploring views and values of others' and discovering change and influence.
  • Geographical vocabulary - Using this with confidence when reading, researching and sharing ideas and processes.
  • Mapping and fieldwork skills - Including the use of OS maps, atlases, maps, GIS, aerial maps andglobes and getting the most out of the fieldwork which they will partake in.


                   To eventually know the world is BIG but can be seen as being SMALL and personal to them.












Geography Long
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Geography Progression






Progression- Nursery- Year 1


Geography SEND Offer