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Writing Development at Ward End Primary School 

Early Writing Development  

In Foundation Stage, opportunities for writing are built into the constant provision along with focused adult-led activities in mark-making, phonics, letter formation & writing whole words, leading to writing in sentences. 

Activities based on the Talk for Writing approach contribute to language development in Foundation Stage, incorporating speaking and listening with reading and writing. This approach is also in use in the ASC Resource Base to promote language acquisition and retention skills. 

Writing development  

In Key Stages 1 and 2, the teaching of English provides a balance of opportunities to develop phonic, reading, spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing skills. Skills and knowledge are reinforced within a context of other curriculum areas; Science, History and Geography in particular offer many opportunities to teach English through a real context. ICT is used as appropriate to enhance and practise skills in English. 

Children have regular opportunities to write in a real context or for a clear purpose. 

Handwriting and spelling 

The teaching of handwriting is supported by Letterjoins to promote progression in handwriting, working towards a fluent, joined cursive style. 

Some teaching of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar aspects (SPaG) may currently take place discretely, but is then referred to and used in reading and writing so that all three areas are integrated together. Regular checks are made to ensure full coverage of all SPaG aspects, according to the demands of the national curriculum for each year group. 

Children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) 

Children who require additional support skills are assessed by the inclusion team and placed on a continuum if needed. Planning is then based around the individual child's specific targets and children are assessed termly. The inclusion team along with SMT monitor the progress of the SEN learners and put additional strategies in place if required. Referrals to outside agencies are made if needed.  

Talk for Writing development 

Talk for Writing is at the early stages of implementation as a teaching and learning strategy across the whole school from September 2023, starting with Fiction writing. All teaching staff are undergoing training on the Talk for Writing approach. 


Reading SEND Offer 

Writing SEND Offer