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Academic year 2023 to 2024

The school opening and closing times for Reception to Year 6 are as outlined below:




Monday to Thursday







Total hours 31 hours 45 minutes



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Peer Mediation

 Ward End Primary School are excited to announce a pupil led innovative scheme called Peer Mediation.  The aim of Peer Mediation is to equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage conflicts and allow pupils take an active role in Pupil Leadership. Some of the skills that the children will develop are:

Skills – children develop the skills of mediation and can apply them at school and in their lives.  Staff develop a deeper understanding of non-punitive ways of managing conflict, and peace. A shared language is developed between pupils and adults. 

School culture – mediation is reflected in the school’s wider vision with an emphasis on relationships and the modelling of positive behaviour strategies by adults in school. 

Transfer of skills – children who use the mediation service to talk through their conflicts, acquire the language and attitudes modelled by the mediators and this impacts on the wider school community. 

Under the watchful eye of staff, our Peer Mediators will mediate children in Year 5 and Year 4 and we will begin this after the May half term holidays because by then our staff will have received the necessary training to deliver Peer Mediation in school.